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This spoiler is made of good quality hand laid fiberglass and fits the TOYOTA RAV4 1994 – 2000, first generation.
It has a gelcoat surface, so it needs priming and painting.
It is fitted on the upper edge of the rear door. No need for drilling or screwing. It’s installed with two fiberglass claws that grab the door and double sided adhesive tape. You can use some silicone sealant also for additional bonding
strength (adhesive tape and silicone sealant are not provided).

We ship from Cyprus (member of European Union). Parcels to Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada are shipped by EMS express post. For other countries, if EMS is not available for them, we ship by first priority airmail.

All fiberglass products are made to order. The factory needs 5 working days to make and package them, so we ship them the next morning after that and email the tracking number to you by the evening of the same day.