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This set of arches (6 pieces) are made for the TOYOTA HILUX 1997-2005 DOUBLE CABIN sixth generation (MK4, MK5). They stick out around 7- 8 cm, so they will cover well if you have oversize tires.
They are made of good quality, hand-laid fiberglass and the surface is black gel coat, mat. Make sure your car is the model described above and shown in the photos. If you are in doubt, send me a few photos of your car showing the front, sides and back. I will reply within a day and let you know if it’s the right model.
The flares are installed with self tapping screws on the underside through sheet metal strips which are fixed on the fiberglass with rivets (see photos). Another screw must go to each flare bottom to secure them better (use the 30 mm screws for this and stop screwing when the washer touches the fiberglass). Use a 3.5 mm bit for drilling all holes. Always use a washer when screwing through fiberglass. Removing the adjacent wheel is recommended, so that you have enough space to use the drill. The help of another person is needed to hold the flare in place while the installer drills and screws.
The arches are best installed by a professional or an experienced amateur. This is a difficult to install item. Don’t  try this yourself if you don’t have enough experience. If you have oversize tires, they may rub against the front flare on its rear side when the wheel is turned. In this case you can trim the flare a little (see photos).
We include the necessary screws, washers and rubber trim.

We ship from Cyprus (member of European Union). Parcels are sent by express or first priority airmail.

Every fiberglass product is made especially for you, after your order. The procedure takes a maximum of 10 business days. Usually, we are ready to ship within 7 to 8 working days. When the items are ready we package and ship them and email the tracking number to you, along with fitting instructions that will help your installer do a perfect installation job.